Cell Phone Booster for Home


When you live in house, it’s very terrible experience to suffer from dropping calls or very poor signal to non-existent data speeds. The reason is that indoor signal is often blocked by the construction material like metal, thick stone or concrete walls etc. Huaptec home cell phone booster will help you get out of the trouble and make sure your cell phones and smart devices to work indoors smooth. Keep you connected seamlessly.  

Huaptec had developed a complete series of wide band consumer signal boosters for Europe, Middle East, Africa and USA market. All-in-one antenna signal booster kits that support 2G, 3G, 4G(single band/dual band/tripleband/5-band) mobile networks. Coverage up to 5,000 square meters, suitable for homes, office, basement, elevators, parking lots etc. 


home cell phone booster

                  ❶ Signal Booster                                                             ❷ Outdoor Wide Band Panel Antenna
                                     ❸ Indoor Wide Band Panel Antenna                                     ❹ 30ft HiBoost200 Low-loss Cable
                               ❺12V/3A, AC/DC Power Supply

The standard repeater kit includes a donor panel antenna to be installed on top of the building or simply near the window, a coaxial cable with suitable length (standard length 10meter long) shall be connected with the donor antenna, and then pulled inside the house to connect with the repeater, a server antenna usually directly connects with the repeater, so the repeater with its sever antenna shall be placed in a suitable location of the area for optimal coverage.

More than one antenna can be deployed if the area is big, in this case, the splitters and couplers shall be used; and in some cases when the input signals are weak, or need stronger output signals, a Pre-amplifier or a line amplifier can be fitted into the system. Standard solution needs 0.5 ~ 2 hours to accomplish, in case it is a large area, 2~6 hours should be needed.

Solutions Recommended:

Hiboost CE certified Home & Office Boosters are ideal for Europe, Africa, Middle East clients. 

Hiboost FCC & IC certified Home Signal Boosters are ideal for USA, Canada and Latin America clients.