Fiber DAS Boost Mobile Coverage

What's DAS?

A DAS(distributed antenna system) is a solution to boost mobile coverage for poor signal area. Applied inside a large building by installing a network of relatively small antennas throughout the building to serve as repeaters. It often is used for super large venues such as stadiums, convention centers and airports. In areas where there is virtually no outside signal or where there is a potential for overcrowding the network, MDAS is also a good option.

Residential communities have been becoming the major areas for services of mobile data and multimedia, therefore the excellent network coverage within the communities not only avoids the user losses, but also attract more users, thus increase the existing carrier's efficiency. The wireless repeater is only suitable to cover areas in the same direction of BTS coverage, thus its location is usually between the donor BTS and the covered areas, and therefore it is suitable to cover part of the residential communities

The frequency shift and fiber optic repeaters are capable of point-to-multipoint coverage, quite suitable for those large and congested areas. The solutions adopt panel antenna to cover the areas from outside to inside, not only they can have a good coverage, but also avoid the signal leakage.

Why Huaptec MDAS?

- Very easy and quick to design and deploy Fiber MDAS.

- It is easy to achieve uniformed coverage.

- Very easy to adjust the power levels in specific area.

- No loss in signal transmission and power dividing.

- Each MU can connect maximum 500 RU at the same time.

- Support diversity network structures.