HiBoost Signal Booster
Optical Fiber ADAS System

Brand: Huaptec

Technologies : 2G,3G,4G and 5G

Output Power: 30-43dBm

Scenarios : Large Building

Max.Gain : 50 dB

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Huaptec Digital Optical DAS (ADAS-Active Distributed Access System for short) for extending mobile voice and broadband coverage (from 700 - 3800 MHz, including 2G, 3G, LTE and NR) to indoor and outdoor area. Based on its flexible digital architecture, Huaptec solutions support multi-operator, multi-mobile systems and high-capacity installation environments, such as high-rise buildings, shopping malls, offices, airports and stadiums, and other indoor and outdoor deployments.

The core of the digital optical fiber DAS is that the core network MU processes the base station signal and converts the RF signal into an optical signal, and transmits it through the optical fiber, which greatly reduces the loss; at the same time, the RU receives the optical signal and converts it into an RF signal for signal transmission through the antenna, and cover the signal blinding area.

Due to the technical limitations, the traditional analog repeater can only works in a fixed frequency range and system, the operators have to use different equipment to deal with the different networks and different frequencies, which bring more and more equipment models into the network and makes the network deployment and management very difficult. Huaptec Digital Repeater support Multi System and Multi Sub Band.


Supports 900MHz, 1800MHz and 2100MHz, LTE800 and LTE2600, NR3500, maximum output power 43dBm, maximum gain 55dB

• Multiple Technologies: 2G&3G&4G&5G Technologies can work simultaneously in 900, 1800, 2100, 2600&3500;

  • Supports MIMO technology;

  • Support up to 4 systems;

  • Using optical fiber transmission, the loss is small, the transmission capacity is strong, and the theory can reach more than 10 km;

  • Flexible coverage, supporting star, chain, and hybrid networking;

  • Wide gain adjustment range, and can be continuously adjustable;

  • Gain compensation, delay adjustment, AGC&MGC function;

• Adopt high-efficiency power linear technology, low intermodulation, low spurious, excellent gain linearity, small signal fluctuation;

  • Adopt ultra-low noise amplification technology to avoid affecting base station sensitivity;

  • Multiple reliable lightning protection technology, lightning protection system;

  • Support local and remote monitoring (NMS);

  • Support IP remote network management access, easy maintenance.





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