Cell Phone Booster for Car

Nowadays, Car, RV and Truck are the most popular transportation tools. On the road, you particularly need reliable cellcar cell phone booster phone signal to work. Whether you’re a business professional on an important conference call or a road warrior trying to reach the people you love. Unluckily mobile services in the vehicles have always been a headache, especially when we are traveling far away from the cities, through the valleys, mountains, or villages. It is caused for vehicle’s metal closets lead to a signal loss of 8~25dB, what’s worse, people always run in out-of-the-way places. 

Hiboost car cell phone booster can make your mobile signal up to 50X stronger in hard-to-reach region. So you can always stay in touch with loved ones, keep up with emails, or stream your favorite show whether you’re parked at a major event or camping in a special scenic spot.

Vehicle booster is a simple mobile signal extender, it has a magnetic antenna as an outer antenna which can be mounted on the roof of the car and a patch antenna for interior of vehicle, then connect with the car booster by cables. It will amplify 50X cellular signal to your mobile phone.Improve the signal quality, save battery energy and avoid call drops.


vehicle booster

 Hiboost Travel 4G will be your best choice. It supports all America and Canada carriers and make sure you’re never out of touch no matter where you are.

Some fans of our Travel 4G are:

-RV owners trekking across the country

-Fleet truck drivers that need to be connected to their home office

-Drivers that live where coverage is spotty and want to stay connected

-Anyone that needs data to connect with their vehicle