HiBoost Signal Booster
DCS Repeater | 4G LTE 1800 Signal Booster

Brand: Hiboost
Coverage Area:Up to 500M2

Application: Home or Office, works with all major EU carriors

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1800 MHz is a special frequency. Some operators use it to support DCS/GSM 2G voice and some ones will use it to support 4G LTE data. HiBoost DCS repeater allows to amplify DCS/GSM/LTE signal(1800 MHz) inside buildings. 

This repeater can solve the problem of poor signal in homes, offices, hotels and various buildings where allow to use DCS/LTE 1800 MHz mobile phones.


- Support for DCS/multiband mobile phones(1710-1880 MHz)

-  Indoor coverage area up to 500 Sq.Mt.

- AGC and MGC function, complete operator network protection

- LCD display real-time gain and power, no blind installation 

- LED alarm and power diagnostics indicators


1、 Find a place outside the building with a good DCS/LTE signal

2、Mount the outdoor panel antenna and make sure it is directed toward DCS/LTE base station

3、Choose a location for installing the signal repeater somewhere inside the building to place the indoor antenna in the entral part of the building to be covered. 

4、Install the signal repeater and connect it to outdoor antenna with a 10M length cable, connect it to a indoor panel antenna with a 5M cables. The distance between outdoor antenna and indoor antenna need to be 15M to get enough ISO (avoid self-oscillation).

5、Connect the AC power plug to a wall outlet (110-230 VAC)

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