How to Select Mobile Network Booster for Home
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Nowadays, people rely on mobile phones for social, entertainment, business at home. But, if there is any obstructs interference that the mobile signal becomes weak and you may experience dropped calls or can't get connected. This is why people need mobile signal boosters. You can buy a household cell phone signal booster also named as indoor signal booster to boost three mobile bad signal or vodafone bad singal at home. 

In odrer to select the correct signal booster,  you need to know the operators and networks frequency that you need to support.  The exsiting outdoor signal strength that need to be amplified network signal.  And the area size that need to be covered.

In Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa, mostly operators use 900 MHz or 1800 MHz for 2G voice, 2100 MHz for 3G data, 1800 MHz or 2600 MHz for 4G high speed data.

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In America and Canada, carriers will use lower 700 MHz, upper 700 MHz, Cellular 1800 MHz, PCS 1900 MHz and AWS 2100 MHz for 3G and 4G voice and data.

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Let's review these in a very simple method.

Step 1: Step out of your house with your cell phone. 

Step 2: Assure your mobile phone is not connected to WIFI. (WIFI is off on your phone)

Step 3: Check the cellular signal bars and the symbol in the status bar of your phone.



Step 4: Check which symbol and how many bars you see on your phone outside your house to locate the carrier and frequency.

(1)   Define the Carrier and frequency according to the European Main Countries Frequency Spectrum.

(2) Define the bar rank and requested coverage area to select the repeater power. Some cellular signal out your building will be required.


Note: we recommend you to download a mobile phone signal strength test tool(APP)
Network Cell Info to get accurate signal quality.