HiBoost Signal Booster
HOME 4K Smart Link - Hotspot Signal Booster

signal booster for homeCoverage up to 4000 sq.ft

LTE sprint booster Boosts 4G voice, text and data

cellular boosterIdeal for North America Market

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Need a better cell signal for your home or office? 

HiBoost Home 4K LCD cell phone signal booster is an innovative hotspot signal booster. Supports for all US and Canada Cell Phone Carriers. Boosts 3G and 4G Voice, Text and Data at a time. HiBoost powerful new Home 4K is supercharged with superior technology so all your calls are clear as a bell and you enjoy lightning fast downloads. A perfect fit for homes or office use. Innovative design includes an LCD display so installation and troubleshooting are easier than ever. It includes everything you need for easy set up with zero fuss. 

Boost your bars today with the HiBoost Home 4K!


Instantly improve your cellular 4G LTE coverage with HiBoost's superior hotspot signal boosters. 


Key Features

- 4G Voice and Data

  • - LCD display 

  • - 4000 sq ft coverage

  • - Supports multiple users

  • - Compatible with all devices

  • - Compatible with all U.S. & Canada cell phone carriers

  • - Includes everything for fast and easy DIY installation

  • - 3 Year Warranty

  • - FCC and IC Approved


HiBoost Home Signal Booster Unique Benefits:

1.  LCD display actual gain and downlink output power, make installation easier.

LCD booster

It’s not a secret that some cell phone signal booster manufacturers deliberately mark the output power capacity and gain value higher than it actually is. This effectively lowers the actual coverage area of the booster. You shouldn’t have to pay for additional components because you’re not getting the coverage you’re paying for. This isn’t a worry with HiBoost’s hotspot signal boosters. HiBoost boosters are equipped with a LCD display so you can see the gain and outpower value in real-time processing. Also,it will help you find the strongest signal location to install the outdoor antenna and avoid blind installation. 

 2. LCD display ISO and ALC status, make troubleshooting easier.

troubleshooting display

LCD will help to diagnose the LED status and display the troubles that you may meet and tell how to fix it. You no need to open the user manual and read those tedious instructions. 

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