HiBoost Signal Booster
Industrial 100K - Powerful Signal Booster

industrial signal boosterCoverage up to 100,000 sq.ft

4G enhancerBoosts 4G voice, text and data

cellular booster for USIdeal for USA and Canada Market

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This industrial signal booster is a great alternative to expensive in-building DAS, but at a much lower cost. It provides enhanced cellular and data reception and boosts 3G and 4G cellular for all US and Canada Carriers. Cell range extension for large commerial and industrial buildings with coverage up to 100,000 sq.ft.  It's the best and economical 4G cellular range extension solution for in-building installers.

This is a full-featured professional grade bi-directional industrial booster that includes a very sophisticated gain control and automatic shutdown for cellular network protection. Providing a highly smart Automatic Level Control (ALC) and Isolation gain processing system to adjust its uplink and downlink gain, it prevents self-oscillations, optimizes signal levels and prevents overload from nearby high-power towers.


-Best-in-class gain(83 dB) and downlink output power(27 dBm)

-Quint band design covers all US and Canadian carriers

-100,000 square feet coverage in a typical office or dense industrial environment

-Highly linear design supports over 200+ simultaneous users in each band

-Covers Cellular 800, PCS, AWS, Upper and Lower 700 LTE Bands

-Smart ALC and ISO compensates for potential oscillations and changes in the carrier's signal transmissions.

-Professional LCD panel displays gain and output power for easy installation and antenna pointing

-Easily mounts to any wall. No rack required.

-FCC and IC certified

WARNING. This is NOT a CONSUMER device. It is designed for installation by FCC LICENSEES and QUALIFIED INSTALLERS. Your MUST have an FCC LICENSE or express consent of an FCC Licensee to operate this device. Unauthorized use may result in significant forfeiture penalties, including penalties in excess of $100,000 for each continuing violation.

HiBoost Industrial Series

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