How to Increase Mobile Phone Signal Reception and Signal Strength
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There are several ways to improve mobile phone reception in weak signal areas. There is no best phone for weak signal areas because almost all of the newer generation mobile cell phones can give good reception even in weak signal areas. But then in some areas where the signal is too weak that even the best phone cannot catch the signal. In such situations, we will need to boost the smartphone signals eagerly to NO MISS IMPORTANT CALLS. Here, there are several options for your consideration. 


The first tip is to recommend a quality cellphone signal booster, it’s also known as a repeater, extender or cell phone antenna booster system. And it improves the cellular signal reception for your home, basement, office even large industrial building. Cell phone signal booster can amplify and repeat an existing cell phone signal to those areas which have poor signal. It’s very easy and convenient for installation too.

A typical cellphone signal booster system is comprised of an outdoor(or external) panel antenna or directional yagi antenna, a signal amplifier, an indoor(or internal) antenna, and some cables to connect all of those components together. The system works by having the external antenna receive a cell phone signal from the closest cell tower. It then passes that signal over a cable to the amplifier, which boosts the strength of the signal and then transmits the boosted mobile network signal to the inside of the building via the indoor antenna.



This may seem like an obvious idea to those of you already making Wi-Fi calls, but for many people, it’s an option they had never considered. Most of us are lucky to have Wi-Fi in our homes, and we tap into it with our iPads, laptops, computers, and gaming consoles to access the internet.

A WIFI repeater, also known as a WIFI booster or WIFI extender, is used to extend the coverage area of WIFI network not mobile network. It works by receiving your existing WIFI signal, amplifying it and then broadcasting the boosted signal to these far corners of your home or office.

However, it is also very handy for making phone calls when your smart phones carriers have a Wi-Fi calling feature. You can even set up your mobile phones to automatically connect to Wi-Fi when you get home, maybe you won’t even be aware of that you are making and receiving calls over the internet rather than via a cell phone signal.


It is definitely not as good as a signal booster, but it may be worth a try if you are in a dead signal zone where have absolutely no coverage. (A signal booster NEEDS some kind of signal to boost). To start with, you need to understand the difference between a signal booster and a femtocell. Basically, a signal booster captures the cell signal outside your home or office, amplifies it greatly, and then repeats the amplified signal inside. A femtocell is more like a mini cellphone tower. It’s about the size of a router, and works in much the same way. However, Femtocells only work with one specific carrier, and can eat up your Internet bandwidth. 

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