Causes of Bad Mobile Signal Reception and Dropped Calls
标签 : Causes of bad mobile signal reception and dropped calls


There are a multitude of reasons that contribute to bad mobile signal reception and you might not receive cell phone signal in your home, office or vehicle.

Cell Tower Location

Usually your distance to your nearest cell phone provider’s cell tower determines how strong your received signal is. Is your smart phone the only one receiving poor signal? Check with your friends and acquaintances who have different mobile network providers (such as Vodafone, Orange, etc.) than you to see if they all suffer weak mobile signal reception. One provider with poor signal may indicate they do not have enough cell towers nearby. Multiple providers with poor signal reception may indicate something else is creating a dead zone.

Fluctuant Signal

You might have a good signal as you walk through the living room but as soon as you enter the bedroom the call drops. If this is happening in your home, you may have decent cell phone reception in some areas of your home but you are losing signal elsewhere because of interference from sources such as the floor plan of the building or the building's materials. 

Building Layout

Most buildings are not designed to keep optimal cell phone reception throughout the building's layout. Things that interfere with cell signal are numerous: thcik, solid cement walls, cramped rooms, and many electronic devices all can disrupt signal. Large buildings such as warehouses, hospitals, hotels, healthcare facilities, manufacturing plants, office complexes, educational buildings, and basement spaces have weaker cellular reception than most due to their internal structure. 

Obstacles Interference

If there are some objects between you and the cell tower, such as trees, hills, large buildings, etc., then you’ll be working with much weaker signal. This means that minor interferences can cause major signal problems with your mobile phone. Assuming you have a strong enough cell signal, you'll have to look at other local causes of cell phone reception problems. Oftentimes, the building material or other things at your home can be to blame for poor reception. This means that anything from different types of metals, types of insulation, wire mesh, thick foliage from plants and trees, decorative waterfalls, or even water pipes can be to blame for bad cell phone reception! 

Number of Simultaneous Users

Just like you may see that cell phone signals drop during big sports games or other events, the more people trying to receive signal from a cell tower, the slower the download speed becomes and more dropped calls occur. If you work in a highly occupied building, the standard signal from the local cell towers may not support your building’s demand for cellular reception.


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