HiBoost Signal Booster
GSM Cell Phone Repeater for Calls

home repeaterCoverage up to 500 Sq. Mt.

gsm repeatersBoosts 900MHz voice, text and data


Suitable for European, Africa and Middle East Users

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GSM repeater is a simple and cost-effective solution to improve cell phone voice quality. EGSM 900 MHz is a mobile network standard for voice and GSM signal transmission(SMS/Voice Calls/GPRS/EDGE) . It is the same GSM network but extended for more 10 MHz. Mostly mobile network operators in Europe(Vodafone, Orange, Tele2, O2, EE etc), Middel East and Africa(MTN, Vodacom, Etisalat etc) transferred to EGSM 900 MHz.

Hi13-EGSM is a high cost-effective and quality GSM signal repeater. Suitable for all moible phones (Android or IOS)and networks. Including SMS, GPRS and mobile Internet.


- Amplifies 2G voice, text and data speed

- Coverage up to 500 Sq. Mt.

- AGC and MGC function, interference-free to cell tower 

- LCD display real-time gain and power, easy to install 


1.  The external antenna receives the cell tower signals and transmits to the signal repeater.

2.  A phone repeater amplifies a weak signal.

3.  Then the internal antenna receives the amplified signal and retransmits it to your cell phones at home

how to boost cell signal


single band kit

- Cell Phone Booster 

- Indoor Falt Whip Antenna

- Outdoor Wideband Panel Antenna 

- 15M Hi200 Cable

5V / 3A, AC/DC Power Supply 

- Power Cord with European Standard Plug 

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