Cell Phone Signal Booster for All US Carriers
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Cell Phone Signal Booster is designed to help mobile user to amplify 2G, 3G and 4G weak cellular signals.

HiBoost North American Series Cell Phone Signal Boosters include home boosters, vehicle boosters, commercial boosters and industrial boosters that are compatible with all US and Canada carriers such as Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, US Cellular, Bell, Rogers, Telus etc.

Key Features

◆ Wide Band frequencies compatible with all America and Canada mobile operators

 High in gain to cover bigger areas with lower reception signal strength need, guarantees crystal clear calls without drops and interruptions

 Smart self-adaptive system automatically adjusting, prolong the cell phone battery life

AGC (automatic gain control) technology delivers the best performance for boosting the mobile signal with no input needed from the user. When user first plug the device in, AGC means it will automatically configure itself to get the best possible signal indoors instantly. Furthermore, AGC regulates the booster’s signal amplification power to avoid interfering with the nearest cell tower. There’s also MGC (or manual gain control) which lets user do just that. All of the controls are implemented in a user-friendly manner, so there’s no room for confusion. 

In addition, the booster provides a strong, stable signal, which means the handset isn’t struggling to pick up the signal any longer, and thus it’s using less power as a result, meaning better battery longevity.

◆ Intelligent LCD display, plug-and-play installation, super easy for installation, maintenance and upgrade

Intelligent LCD screen which assists during installation, helping to find the best location for the outdoor antenna. This display is also great for troubleshooting as it pinpoints any errors with the installation, and in general usage, it clearly shows the current settings of the booster unit.

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How to Boost Cell Signal

All HiBoost phone boosters are bi-directional.

1.  The external antenna receives the cell tower signals and transmits to the signal booster.

2.  A phone booster amplifies a weak signal.

3.  Then the internal antenna receives the amplified signal and retransmits it to mobile device: cell phones or laptops

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Home Booster

Boost 3G & 4G voice and data instantly! A wide range of different cell phone signal boosters, amplifiers and antennas from HiBoost for your choice. HiBoost home boosters series are all-in-one quint band solution. Each signal booster package consists of a full kit with all necessary installation components (including antennas, cables, mounting brackets etc), and the hardware is easy to install in your home or office, not to mention simple to set up. HiBoost is head and shoulder above the competition in this respect thanks to some nifty technology which its products incorporate.

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Large Building Application

commercial building coverage

Commercial Booster

HiBoost offers a premier line of commercial boosters that provide amplified signal to office, hotels and large commercial buildings.  HiBoost cell phone signal boosters are an alternative solution to DAS (distributed antenna system). Both of them can increase signal strength for voice, text, and 4G LTE data. But HiBoost LCD signal booster antenna systems are with a fraction cost of DAS and need very short deploy time. They are plug-and-play solution with innovative design and provide easy access for future upgrade and routine maintenance. All these solutions are able to automatically anticipate fluctuations in incoming signals, and the system will automatically compensate for these strong signals then turn back on when signals have reduced to a safe level. Generally, they are more ideal for IBS installers, system integrators and commercial users.

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Industrial Booster

HiBoost offers advanced technology industrial boosters that provide filtered and amplified pure signal to large office, multi-story buildings and large industrial buildings for professional installers and system integrators.  

Industrial Booster